Creating a personal website:
Step 1: Have 20mins of inspiration.
Step 2: Spend a day writing css and js
Step 3: Realize it sucks because (ugly || bad responsive design || not enough content)
Step 4 Experience no inspiration what so ever for next week
Step 5: Repeat

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    Same goes for me, but with data structures .-.
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    Took me 3 months to design my own website.
    I still find it disgusting.
    Don't know what to do.
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    This exact thing just happened to me a couple weeks ago except it took me 3 days to make and now its on a back burner.
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    Same goes for text.
    I spend a whole day writing a few paragraphs. Good wording is hard
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    This is kind of my life right now. I have to finish a project for my school where we make an exact replica of Instagram, and It's so damn tedious. I think I'd like front-end work if I was actually good at it. But knowing that your writing garbage is not fun :(
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    @Letmecode I also used to suck at making designs but after a few tutorials on Sketch and a week of practice I could make fairly decent UI designs already. It's surprisingly easy and logical.

    I'm sure you'll pick it up in no time as well if you want to!
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    @Letmecode oh damn, that's quite a stack already then!

    I started to work out my designs with Google's material design principles but quickly realized it doesn't make original/unique looking designs.

    I usually Google whatever equivalent designs there are of other such apps I'm designing, then recreate the best parts from them to my design. Usually good designs are very simple and 2D. People like visually symmetric or at least intuitively logical shapes (like C that's a full circle with just part cut off). Color palette matters a lot too

    The real harder trouble is engineering the actual code to reflect those mockups though 😥
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    @vertti there you go designers everywhere. Your career reduced to a few tutorials, and copying 😂😂😂
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    @GigaMick I'm not looking to build a career in designing. That being said, I need to design my own apps, demos and prototypes. Much better than hiring someone to do it as I'd like it to look like.

    Obviously I'll need to adjust a lot of stuff based on the case. But it generally helps to learn from other people's best practices and intuitive designs.
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    Been there, done lots of iterations on that. Finally I reminded myself I'm a developer, not a designer, so I made a very simple website, a few basic styles and done. It's no big deal but it does the job. Maybe in the future I'll hire a designer to get something fancy.
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    markdown only :D
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