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    Frontend in general.
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    I kind of liked for few months working at frontend in Vue.JS with SCSS.
    I am Backend/DevOps guy.
    I enjoyed Frontend part being brainlessly easy. Just write html/CSS without worrying about code architecture. Tie simple client side actions through Vue.js, group code into components, continue.
    It was simple, meditating and relaxing. (After I broke my mind in system design in analysis)
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    Proper frontends don‘t use the archaic text markup language for static documents abused by the modern world for dynamic web apps.
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    @AndroidJester to be fair: nobody does really
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    But if you need it, I can help! Treat HTML and CSS like QML in Qt. This is how I first learned it when I had to make a website for the first time
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    I am certain I get measurable higher blood pressure when I think of all the tinkering needed in frontend. I can feel it now. There’s some scary stuff out there.

    We do need it though.

    It’s a team effort.
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