i am having a feeling that getting into software branch of it industry might be a wrong decision. in my college years, i got to explore different domains in tech :

1. software development : frontend tech , backed tech, mobile tech : somethings i and a million other people know

2. os and internal softwares : os, compilers, processor coding , chip manufacturing etc : don't know what this industry is known but we devs rarely go that deep in the hole

3. the network industry : computer networks , topologies, packets, data transfers etc. again not sure what this industry is but 4g/5g brands/ cisco seems to making a lot of money with this

4. cloud computing, devops, data etc : i guess some backend devs explore this domain too.

5. ai/ml data sciences/web3 : the new fad

6. biotech :?? don't know anything about this at all

7. graphics/management/qa : the other associated sisters of software dev. they are seeing a similar recession

8... ans so on.

i chose the 1st one in my undergrad as my career and now regretting this i am thinking of doing masters to fix my mistake and take a job in some other industry that is still blooming and has a future for sustaining a recession for atleast 30 years.

so any suggestions/experiences?

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    Chatgpt is definetly going to take ur job tmrw
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    You can skip 5, it is dying anyway
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    @Linux was jokie :D
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    Have you given any thought to what you want to do?
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    I don't think you should primarily change direction because of a future prediction that software dev might not be blooming in 30 years.

    I listened to an interesting podcast episode that changed my mind regarding how to feel about future predictions, time spent learning something that became obsolete etc: Lex Friedman with the creator of Python https://youtube.com/watch/...
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    Regarding future potential of some things like ML:

    Maybe AI/ML/DataScience can be a future bet, but at the same time I think the industry itself will be bigger than the amount of engineers.

    At my company we have tons of dev teams, and it's growing, but just a couple ML guys in a central team. Even though ML has grown in importance, they aren't growing in employees as much, maybe they're doing more work with the same amount of people, just better tools. Maybe most of the tooling will be centralised and outsourced.

    Allthough I realise I might be dead wrong and sound like a print guy in the 90s going "I don't see this web thing involving more people than the printing business"
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    If we Software Devs are going to remain important in the future, we must learn AI/ML.
    If you want to be future proof, do Backend/Cloud Computing/AI & ML
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    @illuminaughty Do you think the average software dev will do a bit of AI/ML though? Don't you think that'll be handled by a central team of experts?

    I imagine a dev can set up a tool, kinda like how we can set up GoogleAnalytics. But I don't see any average dev building their own AI/ML models on the side.
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