Are programming books worth buying/reading? If so, what C# ( and Unity ) book would you recommend. I'd like to expand my knowledge.

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    If you are a beginner a c# book can be very helpful but I rarely read specific C# books now a days unless its something special like "In depths with C#" from John Skeet.

    But that one is ridiculously detailed going to into things how C# selects method if there are several chooses from inheritance and extension methods and such.

    Not something you should start of with ;).

    Otherwise general programming books like design patterns, clean code and the like. That helps you organize code.
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    @Voxera I'm not a complete beginner in C#. I self taught myself for 1.5 years now. I'm wanting to take my skills to the next level but not sure how. That's why I want to read a book or something.
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    Just my 2 cents, but subscribing to an online school like udemy might be better
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