SQL language is outdated sh*t; whoever uses it unironically should take dementia pills

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    umm.. sure..
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    What do you suggest for relational DB?
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    SQL and no-SQL have each of their own use cases. SQL is here to stay.
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    Really? I think C++ it's outdated
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    On the contrary. I think SQL is not taught enough. Using an ORM is fine, but judging by most SQL related questions I've seen, people don't really understand how to use their DBMS.
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    @nitnip ORM is an offensive anti Pattern. Cast First Stone...
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    SQL's functionally is fine.

    The SQL language itself (aka, the EBNF spec) is easy to read but horrible to write and should be replaced with something that has a more intuitive structure, IMO.
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    @B-Con what is not intuitive about sql?
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    @netikras Json operations are not very intuitive. Then again, It's not something I use very frequently so I always just forget the syntax.
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    @nitnip what? is JSON part of the SQL RFC? Did I miss smth?
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    @nitnip using JSON in a relational context looks like the real problem here, RDBMS supporting it doesn't mean you should use it
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    @hippolyte Like I said. I use it rarely.
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