MS Teams:

*Notification*: Bob sent you a message: "Hello netikras. Got a minute for a call? Andrew told me <...>"

Open up Teams, open chat with Bob. Last message received -- 2 weeks ago. Chat summary on the left (chats list) shows the last message was 2 minutes ago with "Hello netikras. Got a...."

Prolly just javascript failed to fetch the full message to display it in the chat.. refresh the Teams tab

Same thing.
How the f*ck do I read the full message? WHAT DID ANDREW TELL BOB????

Fucking Micro$oft... Ironically, the only thing they're good at is hardware. Well okay and the office suite.
Can't even make a working chat app that doesn't lose messages or doesn't behave like a three-headed dragon with multiple personalities in each head.

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    I mean... you can't be serious when dealing with Microsoft. dR agrees with me.
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    Microsoft servers are dead today
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    GH was down too! 10+ mins for GH Actions to even start and even then it was hit or a miss
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    Teams, desperately in need for fixes for many fundamental issues for years.

    Microsoft: "Let’s change the look of emojis in the next update!"
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