Nothing like good old Adobe flash on Windows 2000 to keep air lines on time... Oh wait, what? Their computer system crashed again? Oh well, never mind :(

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    Must be an airport display, because we don't use Win 2000, and haven't in a very long time.
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    That is not Windows 2000. Aero Glass was introduced with Windows Vista. I would say it is probably Windows 7.
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    Does the window version matter when you are running flash. ;)

    On the other hand, part of the landing systems on paris airport runs on windows 3.1.

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    @Voxera True, I wonder why they used flash.
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    This was a display showing the flight times and the gates. The actual check in at the Southwest gate was running Windows 2000 from what I could tell because that froze too and showed the desktop in all or it's blocky Grey goodness
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    @arces we don't use Win 2000, so it was probably an airport display. I'm not even sure we run Win Anything on our displays.
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    @iAmNaN yes it was an airport display, though on my comment on this post I did see the Southwest check in computer was running Windows. The computer that tells you what seats are boarding.
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    @arces it would have been Win 7 Pro, then. We still run that on clients, and on our work machines, but nothing like 2000, because it's out of support.
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