Mac logic.

set app as default for a file type.
remove the app,
open the file. heheh

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    I also love it she it says "you can't copy that file, because it's hidden." And I just think to myself: "why the hell is that stopping you from copying it?"

    I have, so far, not gotten an answer.
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    @heikomat you can't copy cause finder can't find the hidden file 🤔🤔
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    @shozukan I think it's sad to know, that someone somewhere at apple had to hardcode that nonsense:
    "that file is perfectly fine, but has a hidden-flag? Better make it throw up the copying process!"
    "The trash is just a regular folder, and you app is in it? Better prevent it from starting, just because. You know, because it's the trash folder"

    That is just so unreasonable. Why would anyone take the time to code these conditions into the finder?
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