Motherfucking stupid windows 10.

Wanted to try out cortana with all features after disabling it via regedit.
So naturally I created a Microsoft account and linked my user to it. Of course I used a random password generator and saved it in a passwort vault.
Then an update happened, I restarted my computer and guess what this stupid piece of SHIT garbage software did?
It prompted me to enter my password. Not the password I had for my local user BUT THE MOTHERFUCKING 15-DIGIT RANDOM PASSWORT GENERATED AND NOT EVEN VIEWED ONCE FUCKING SHIT!!!
Did they even ask if I wanted that? No they fucking didn't. Did they WARN ME? NO. NO THEY FUCKING DIDN'T.

That's the last straw. I'll kick windows down the garbage bin where it belongs and programm my own AI with open source software.

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    Boot a live linux, backup your files and reinstall windows or install linux

    Or try to disable the password from live linux
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    You can try and Boot Linux on a USB stick, swap around cmd.exe and sethc.exe. Boot into Windows press shift 5 times and change password through net user command in the cmd box.
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    Wow. You're not even gonna take responsibility for not writing down your password? Are you 7?
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    I resolved it by resetting the Microsoft password, but it's just the audacity they showed by automatically change my password solely based on a account I linked to Windows. Without even giving me any kind of notification about it. They just assumed and therefor locked me out of my pc. What the fuck?

    And yes, obviously I don't write passwords down when I just saved it into a password vault on my pc which I couldn't expect to just lock me out.
    Important passwords yes, I agree, but I only used that account to see what features cortana offers so it was a very low priority password
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