so my mom said that if i try to live away from her, she will not be able to live life normally. if she gets even a false news about me or related to me, she will have a heart attack/ commit suicide.

hello new world. I am just a visitor to you and your opportunities of happiness, i will be going away to my mom's lap after this to remain sad, useless poor and unhappy

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    Just get away
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    @iiii or.. Send her away.

    One of them has to go.
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    *sigh* that's an alarming reason to move away from her.
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    as if guilt tripping someone makes the problem go away.

    Massive red flag right fucking there.
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    the problem is that i have been an ill patient for first 10-15 years of my 24 year life amd they somehow made me healthy without any support from relatives and outsiders. there is this paranoia about keeping me healthy and safe (which i don't understand why is there even now , when i am an active and sane individual).

    i have missed a lot of happy memories due to this paranoia, like going for school trips/functions with friends (which would have led to moments of happiness/laughter and maybe some relationships) and now i will be missing work opportunities in any place outside my 50km² area
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    Unpopular opinion from a different culture and from the other side based on your narrative.

    been blessed with a sick child for some time, where she gave you all of her time and energy, she developed some sort of a big responsibility for you as a human being, it is on you now on how to prove to her that you are OK and can take care of your self, and I'm warning you, it ain't be a quick or easy one.
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    @samymassoud yepp realising this after 2 days of depression. even when i sneeze or have a small cough now, she gets worried. i still have sinuses andni don't think they will ever go away. But yeah the plan is to not only show that i can live healthy , i will be trying to live AWAY from her and still remain healthy (even though i am in the same 50 km² radius)
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    Coming from a different culture like @samymassoud, where alienation from parents at 18 isn't mandatory... Don't give up on yourself and her. Take some time to prove to her that you're self sufficient, do stuff for yourself And her.

    Things will get better eventually and if it doesn't happen don't shy away from asking for help from people, for eg. a person who your mom can trust living in your city that is far away from your mom, therapists, etc.
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    The only way is to give her a replacement for you, so that she turns her attention there and get out of there as quickly as possible.
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    @Courer are you suggesting marriage/kids?
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