Learn React they said
It will be easy they said...:/

PS: No offence, I'm a react dev

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    I think its easier than angular
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    @juzles its only difficult when finding the best practices..
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    Lol I need some help too
    the most difficult part for react native is setting up the development environment and boilerplates correctly :(
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    @psfr937 never tried native
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    I totally wanna learn React I dont know why but I feels react looks hard in one way but if you truly figured it out how stuff works then it becomes beautiful and you appreciate it and you become excited to learn more and more.
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    React is a bit of a dick at first, especially when you are going with full redux, sagas, etc stack. But then it all makes sense and you actually start appreciating it, as it's not as opinionated as angular and doesn't force you into whole complicated framework api. Plus you end up with bunch of reusable vanilla code with react sugar over it, that's what I like the most. Coming back to bloated angular 1 apps seems like a punishment right now.
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    I'm learning react took me a while until I got the hang of it. Now working with Redux, react-route-readux and enjoying it so far though my Google chrome has million tab open 😅
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    @gitpush i feel you bruh..:p
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