These moronic idiots wrote a scientific paper, and did not bother explaining the acronym they've used. 😐


How am I supposed to know which fuckin CART it means? Huh? Who the fuck told you that was acceptable? Also fig 3 can get fucked too.
Your approach seemed interesting for all of two whole fuckin seconds before you fucked it with your unscientific explanation of your results in SIXTEEN FUCKING DIGITS after zero. Fuck you and fuck this and fuck that. Am I clear?

... The straw that broke the camel's back. 😑

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    Jump in the cart
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    It probably is like in mathematics where everyone just assumes that everything would be a super-obvious to other scholars of the field. No need to explain anything, everyone already knows what ⨋ stands for...
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    @Oktokolo yeah fuck some of those formulas too. Pricks who write those just want to claim they're better than everyone else. Fuckin basket cases.
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    I think it's citation 11.... but I'm no expert.

    Of course it's the one that doesn't link out though 🫠
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    @Archive It mostly comes down to people not being good at monologueing towards an unknown audience. Obviously, it is all clear for them. And i see that problem myself when talking to muggles - even when not just trying to brag but to actually educate.

    Human communication is hard.
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    Fuck this shit
    I'm out 🎶
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    @Oktokolo I remember my final thesis about a new signal detection algo where I explained in plain human language what the underlying idea was, then included some nice graphs for visualising that, and only then took off with the math.

    Core audience: a prof who was tired and distracted from relocating the whole department. Making it easy for him to understand my thesis without investing mental effort was my strategy for a good grade, and it worked.
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    @Oktokolo you need to actually know what you're talking about to explain that stuff
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    Found the ref at the bottom of the page (could be wrong though):
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    @Demolishun doesn't matter the "reference", you still have to define your abbreviations. Don't do bad science, kids.
    (The reference in question is a PhD thesis that is not available to the normal edu domains otherwise I'd have access. So it's useless anyways)
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    @Archive The "reference" I pointed out is "Shopping cart". ;-)
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    @Archive jump in the cart 🛒
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