Finally did it. Quit my job.

The full story:
Just came back from vacation to find out that pretty much all the work I put at place has been either destroyed by "temporary fixes" or wiped clean in favour of buggy older versions. The reason, and this is a direct quote "Ari left the code riddled with bugs prior to leaving".

Oh no. Oh no I did not you fucker.

Some background:

My boss wrote a piece of major software with another coder (over the course of month and a balf). This software was very fragile as its intention was to demo specific features we want to adopt for a version 2 of it.

I was then handed over this software (which was vanilajs with angular) and was told to "clean it up" introduce a typing system, introduce a build system, add webpack for better module and dependency management, learn cordova (because its essential and I had no idea of how it works). As well as fix the billion of issues with data storage in the software. Add a webgui and setup multiple databses for data exports from the app. Ensure that transmission of the data is clean and valid.

What else. This software had ZERO documentation. And I had to sit my boss for a solid 3hrs plus some occasional questions as I was developing to get a clear idea of whats going on.

Took a bit over 3 weeks. But I had the damn thing ported over. Cleaned up. And partially documented.

During this period, I was suppose to work with another 2 other coders "my team". But they were always pulled into other things by my Boss.

During this period, I kept asking for code reviews (as I was handling a very large code base on my own).

During this period, I was asking for help from my boss to make sure that the visual aspect of the software meets the requirements (there are LOTS of windows, screens, panels etc, which I just could not possibly get to checking on my own).

At the end of this period. I went on vacation (booked by my brothers for my bday <3 ).

I come back. My work is null. The Boss only looked at it on the friday night leading up to my return. And decided to go back to v1 and fix whatever he didnt like there.

So this guy calls me. Calls me on a friggin SUNDAY. I like just got off the plane. Was heading to dinner with my family.
He and another coder have basically nuked my work. And in an extremely hacky way tied some things together to sort of work. Moreever, the webguis that I setup for the database viewing. They were EDITED ON THE PRODUCTION SERVER without git tracking!!

So monday. I get bombarded with over 20 emails. Claiming that I left things in an usuable state with no documentation. As well as I get yelled at by my boss for introducing "unnecessary complicated shit".

For fuck sakes. I was the one to bring the word documentation into the vocabulary of this company. There are literally ZERO documentated projects here. While all of mine are at least partially documented (due to lack of time).

For fuck sakes, during my time here I have been basically begging to pull the coder who made the admin views for our software and clean up some of the views so that no one will ever have to touch any database directly.

To say this story is the only reason I am done is so not true.

I dedicated over a year to this company. During this time I saw aspects of this behaviour attacking other coders as well as me. But never to this level.

I am so friggin happy that I quit. Never gonna look back.

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    That tag


    Glad you escaped the insanity and hostile work environment. That $#!+ Is nuts!
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    I saw similar behavior happening to my colleague. I am happy to see you are leaving this shitty place, and wish you all the best on your next journey
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    That must be the an nominee for 'the most retarded decision making boss 2017'

    You'll get another job dude. Close that damn door and never look back.
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    Don't look back! You take the right decision. They should have waited for you to come back from vacations to check/edit your code.
    Plus: You were asking for code reviews and you were ignored.
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    Thumbs up for leaving that shit-hole.
    You'll get a new job in no time. Try to find someone who actually cares about code and your skills.
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    Just reading your story makes me angry ahhhhhh Wana punch that guy to death 😤😤
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    Your boss is going to blame you. 😕
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    From what you say you did in three weeks you must be a developer God (following those stupid names recruiters now like to use)
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    Lol I am going through this exact same shit. I quit yesterday.
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    You just reminded me of my last company...😡😡 Have a ++ my friend.
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    @esaysimyan your right ... in your absence now that you have left... they are going to just blame it all on you.
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    After reading this, and other similar stories, I can't help but wonder why anyone would stick for more than 3-4 months in such an environment.

    There are good companies BEGGING for good devs. Don't waste precious time from your life with this. If you see a bad attitude towards developers, just leave. It will never become better, and it always ends with stories like this (I have one up my sleeve as well, but it's far from being 1 year long)
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    I can't believe these companies have viable products, not to mention customers...
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    @solocoder I was wondering the same. Where the fuck do all those idiots come from? Who the fuck trusts them a project? How the fuck do they even make anything work? I'm happy for you OP, you did yourself a big favour by quitting that shithole.
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