Hello devRant!!
Just released a small little app to share links to your PC directly from your device (Linker).
It uses a Java server running on your PC so there are no middle-men. Everything is open source and on my GitHub.

It's currently in alpha. Basically:
1. Run server on your PC (no UI ATM so run in a console) - defaults:
2. Add the server IP-Port in the Android app
3. Share a link from any app through linker
4. Magic 😎

Below are the links if anyone likes the idea and wants to try it out (UI is crap I know! - I had very little time to work on it)

Become tester:


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    I like the idea. However, isn't this what Firefox allows you to do? (Send tab to device feature)
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    @noglassesneeded I also did it as a showcase for employers cause I plan on changing companies. Haven't seen that Firefox feature tbh what exactly does it do?

    My app will open the links you send to your PC with the default browser (not just Firefox). I will also add a lot more features in time like send later/save/UI for server etc.
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    Get this into your head.
    Java IS your middle-men system. 🤓
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    @RickDiculous179 how to set up?
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    - Download the server from the releases folder on https://github.com/antonis179/... (and the settings file - by default binds to all interfaces and port 8090)

    - Run server (in console: java -jar file.jar)

    - Install Android app and click the add button to add the server info to your phone.

    That's it. You can then share to it.
    I'll make things easier in the future ^^
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    Java is my one and only love until I see a better option for my work (maybe dart).

    But I see from your posts you hate it so I won't waste any time writing reasons and so forth.
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    @RickDiculous179 it enables me to send any open tab from my smartphone to pc and vice versa and shows them as soon as I use said device. Works well but alternatives are always welcome :)
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    I see...
    Guessing only through the Firefox app and through a firefox account correct?
    I wanted to make something completely private and independent (albeit a bit harder to install!!)
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    Like the UI of it, and I have a similar app but for transferring files and folders and streaming media, it's called Syncer: http://appsahead.net if you wanna check it out.
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    Awesome site!!
    Yep will definitely give it a try
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    @RickDiculous179 thanks bro hope you enjoy it 😊
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    @RickDiculous179 that's true, you totally depend on Mozilla/their servers. While this is nice as it just works and does not matter if the sender is online you have to trust them with data privacy. I'm still not sure what to think about all of that history and everything syncing between all devices..
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    I'll make the app save everything it can't send locally to be synced later when I get the time 😎
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    @RickDiculous179 looks like you've won another user :P
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    @RickDiculous179 this sounds awesome I'll give it a go when I get home!
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