Physics exam. Seems I was the special guy who did the task in a different (and almost correct way), so my teacher had to share some golden thoughts with me.

Passed anyway xD

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    Hmmmm i dont recognize this hmmm but i see one algorithm in there i recognize isnt this rotational force ? If not please tell me what it is so i can learn it Thanks.
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    Is it to find the moment 2 particles in a cylinder ?
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    @sam9669 @Haxk20 the job was to find the value of The force which can be found on the drawing (it is elastic force of the thread) and the angular acceleration using moment of inertia, moment of force, moment of momentum, Steiner's theorem, etc.
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    I'm a simple man, I see fellow Pole, I increment :)

    Exam is from Uni? I don't remember having such things in High School, but to be honest our Physics lessons were terrible.
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    @blem14 yes it's from university
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