Right. So my company is advertising an opening in Java JUNIOR Development.... And they all of these skills:

I mean, really?

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    I reckon I saw this.

    There are lots of ads like these:

    Requirements: Java, JavaScript, Bootstrap, C++, Angular, SQL, jQuery, LAS, SASS etc etc

    5 years+ of professional experience on each.

    45 hours per week.

    R$ 1500,00 per month. (About USD 500.00)
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    Mais barato só no talho... Slaughter house
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    This is the Portuguese logic: pay <900 € for a full stack junior dev with 3 years experience and if possible, eligible for internship
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    @shozukan Oh man, you just described my first offer for this company. I denied the offer for internship and they went for a full contract. but yeah, that's my monthly income...
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    @DRHAX34 I was on the same boat, so I know "o que a casa gasta" (can't translate so that it makes sense) XD
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    @shozukan To everyone who doesn't know what my Portuguese friend said, it means "I know that it's always the same shit". XD
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    You may come and join me in my company once again :D.

    Or maybe we will create a new one...
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    @Shadow117 I wish! Maybe someday we can be a team like @dfox and @trogus!
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    I came here to write that, in my country, most dev ads are like that. Asking for the moon and offering crap. Weird to only notice that it is in my country only after reading the comments. Well, and that only after that i noticed the ad was in portuguese...
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    They do that here, too. A speaker at a wonderful conference I go to called the applicant these people are looking for a "plaid unicorn." That name has just stuck in my brain and my first thought reading this was "PLAID UNICORN!!!!! 🦄"
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    3 years of experience? You're lucky they're not asking for ppl with +10years of android experience.
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    .... don't they mean java *script*?

    Are we just ignoring that?
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    @chadd17 I think they mean Java and Web developer, because they're asking for Java knowledge too.
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