Damn, the struggle was real, but I finally succeeded to install ubuntu on this fucking computer. Now I need to buy a decent keyboard. Any idea for a good, cheap one ?

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    This website called wish
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    I use a cougar 200k if you dont need mechanical
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    At first installing a new OS is always difficult. Right now I'm installing Arch 😢
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    @Shmanio you'll need this 🍪 on the way (trust me, you'll need it, take it)
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    Mechanical and cheap lol.
    I use a Logitech wave not bad. Logitech's other model is straight if you prefer.
    r/mechanicalkeyboards if you want to diy.
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    @jeeper yeah, maybe not cheap but at least not overpriced
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    Just got the Logitech Orion Red aka G610?..
    Has MX Red switches and some basic white per key lighting capabilities (Adds at least 18fps!)
    Enjoying it so far
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    Loved the cherry stream before i switched to mechanical mx-brown switches. Would never go back.
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    Test the mechanical in ur shop! Its better to test it before to buy it (y)
    I preferr Logitech
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