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    I don't think either style is better than the other. What is more important is style consistency on the entire codebase.
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    It's not about which style is better, the problem is about if each developer in the same project uses different ide/editor and they use different auto format, this case makes stupid merge conflicts. Same problem with the tabs and spaces which made me suffer much before.
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    Even though it looks like C or C++, it will come out as a new JavaScript framework, and that's all that really matters in the end.
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    That's why style guides exist.
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    Beautify plugin for atom. Done. Don't care anymore.
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    and here it is, python
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    Is it weird that i don't even notice this?
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    @EelOnMosque it means you are focusing on the shit devs really need to focus on rather than: oh what format style u prefer 😒
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    @eshwarenm If you work in a team where someone else uses Jetbrains reformat, and someone else uses NetBeans formatting, and they all have slightly different settings.... You get very interesting commits.
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    Hello Python
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