How have you dealt with imposter's syndrome?

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    By realizing the people I conned to get the job was stupid enough to buy it..
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    I haven't
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    I look at the challenges that others have, and remind myself why this isn't a big industry, and things can be downright frustrating and difficult. Like today.
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    I know what I know.
    I know what I've produced.
    Someone who knows more than me, talked to me, and wanted me to work with them.
    If I pay attention, I'll know what they know, eventually. 👍
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    @mhudson awesome answer
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    I continue striving to produce the best I can and listen to those who know more. Somehow that pays off to me being a lead and still getting to be an engineer at the same time. I've learned so much and still feel like I know nothing. I get told people respect my work and listen to me like I'm an expert and I openly laugh and ask what they are thinking about
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    I don't know if I have it or I really am incompetent
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    @wilhelmina You mean you have it but haven't dealt with it or you haven't experienced it ever?
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    By being awesome. I mean seriously, I can start with an empty editor and just by thinking about it I can make a machine do what I want. How can you feel like an imposter if you have the godlike power to create from nothing literally under your fingertips?
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    I mean I have it and have not dealt with it. Most of the time I can accept that.
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    @Godisalie username[:3] checks out
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    Never have 😞
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    I do my part by removing M$ Windows from any machine I can get my hands on. Ok, not really. But I think about it a lot. I never really thought about being an imposter... But I guess I have another syndrome now...
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