Not even Microsoft support's IE 8!

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    And yet they released a patch for xp in the time of wannacry
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    Microsoft: "we don't eplore anymore. We live on the edge"
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    @sam9669 are you seriously blaming them for fixing a vulnerability?
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    Good luck updating IE8 now that they've hamstrung Windows update. It's a pain.

    The newer IE won't install without SP1, and you can't download SP1 from the site because you need IE10+. So unless it shows up in windows update, which isn't a given, you're stuck. 😞
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    @Ashkin Aren't windows XP updates just .MSI? So you can download them from another computer or another browser. Am I remembering correctly?
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    @dzil123 or simply use another browser for the download
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    @plusgut if they hadn't fixed the issue it would have forced people and companies to upgrade to a reasonable modern operating system. So I say that Microsoft should have left them to suffer.
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    @plusgut just pointing out the irony
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    @tankerkiller125 I say then you don't understand in business. This will mean that Microsoft doesn't give a shit about it's enterprise customers which in turn will probably not buy the greatest and latest without thinking but will begin considering alternatives. Moreover, some industries don't need the greatest and latest and are just fine running winxp, update to 10 will probably break the software they are using to conduct business and will not bring more productivity/profit.

    Think large, don't think about the single line of code, think of the business value.
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