// devRant unofficial UWP update (v1.4.4.0)

devRant++ badges and extended rants and comments editing time (up to 30 mins for subscribers) are available also on Windows 10.
To subscribe you still need (I hope only for now) the official Android or iOS app.
But if someone is using also the PC Windows 10 version maybe is happy to see that. 😉


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    Ohh. Thank you very much for making for Windows 10. I am glad to have this on my Phone and PC too. UWP rocks....
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    @Jop- I think it would be better to do it directly through the official website (PayPal, etc.), because using Windows Store in-app purchases will cause a lot of problems (taxes I would have to pay, I would have to send them to dfox in some legal way).
    A web version should be available in future, and I think I will use that one for my client.
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    @Jop- I'm not sure about that. But in theory is like the Swag Store, you buy something using the official website, not using directly the app, and in this case it update your account on the server, so it doesn't have direct impact on the app.
    I think is allowed.
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    Great work 👍
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    @Letmecode you were already famous on here but more so now.
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    @Jop- another reason it should be allowed, is that a lot of apps don't use in-app purchases for premium subscriptions (ex. Spotify, Netflix, etc.).
    They all redirect you to the website to pay. So it shouldn't be a problem I think. :)

    @MCCshreyas Thanks! I appreciate it. :)

    @Jumpshot44 Thanks! :)
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    @JS96 Thank you for the Window awesomeness!!! Keep up the good work!!!
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