Total available 32G:
- apps: 6.6
- photos: 6.2
- videos: 1.6
- others: 0.15
- FREE: 2.2

total observed: 16.6G

where the fuck is the remaining 16G??? I struggle to believe Android 8.0 OS [Samsung] alone weights 16G...

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    Better start believing
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    I am showing 17.8 gig unaccounted for with my phone. I have Android version 11.
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    My android 10 on oneplus nord weights 27GB apparently

    What on hell
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    @theKarlisK What is shown on your pic doesn't add up to 40GB. Where is the rest?

    Edit: Doh! I cannot read, nevermind.
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    My Android 10 eats up 9 GiB. Guess all the hardbundled bloatware i never use cost a lot of space.
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    @theKarlisK naah I didn't. I got my s7edge battery replaced. Now I'm torn between keeping it and getting a high-end xiaomi [12t pro or even 13 pro].

    The only problem with my trusty s7e is storage - the lack for it 😁
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    @theKarlisK you've cached the whole Internet so you don't need to download anything when you visit a page
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    @electrineer except for porn of course. Not included in the cache.
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    @netikras why not pop in an SD card and use it as extended system storage?
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    @electrineer not all apps can be installed in/moved to sd card :/ also, it's more likely to fail.
    I already use it for camera tho
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    Android is a mess when it comes to this. They should not sell phones are 32gb if half of it is eaten up by OS
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    @electrineer Most of the applications cannot be moved to SD card. I have 256gb storage (phone). 66gb is used currently out of which 55.18gb is system.

    The issue isn't that I do not have space. The issue is that the system could have been way more space efficient.
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    remember all those dreams and promises about having more control over your phone as it's linux kernel based?

    or how AOSP introduces Apache license - "Android is about freedom and choice. The purpose of Android is to promote openness in the mobile world... "

    what a jokes
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    @qwwerty well, 3rd-party android distros kind of deliver that, don't they? It's the proprietary android distro stuff that gets in a way. Don't you think?
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    @netikras sure they do, but tbh i'm getting really tired of having to filter out which phone has Lineage support when shopping for a new one. Not to mention the pain it is to unlock bootloader and flash custom recovery on some phones.

    And there are bonuses like Sony wiping DRM keys for camera on bootloader unlock. Not to mention workarounds for broken SafetyNet, etc..
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    @netikras @cjde225 in my experience most apps could be moved, but I'm not entirely sure any more. I used to run a phone with 16 GB internal and 64 GB microSD as adopted storage and never had to worry about space despite hoarding apps I didn't even use. I never run my phones with the OS they ship with so that's maybe why it was fine. In my experience, phone manufacturers fuck up adopted storage in their roms so that it doesn't work like it should.

    I've heard that some people buy a new phone when the old one fills and keep the old one for storing the data. Of course you want to restrict userspace storage if that's how people operate.
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    Latest Galaxy S23 clocks in at a solid 25 or so gigs, so better believe it

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    @Lucky-Loek the fuuuck... That's even more bloated than a full-blown Windows installation! And it's on a phone!!

    Wtf is wrong with them...
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    @netikras if you can earn 10x as much money by spying on people and selling their data than selling a phone... Gotta love creating "shareholder value"
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    * use cheap small storage

    * say it's very big storage and most is simply taken up by the OS and reserved stuffs

    * sell it at price of big storage

    * ???

    * profit
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    Im not sure but i believe sasmung keeps a copy of the os incase it breaks in an update.

    Nowadays Google and many other manufactors do this virtually (somehow :D)

    But that still doesnt justify all the bloat in Samsung phones. Allthough i personally like one ui it does take up a lot.

    And why cant we just uninstall bixby @_@ i guess it has to be a system app to get max permissions... of your data ofc ;)
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    @cjde225 yess. But im pretty sure samsung only offers 128gb min even with a series.

    On the other hand theres apple still shipping 64gb iPads but only to show a cheaper version and to upsale cuz they know everybodys going to 128 anyways @_@
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    @joewilliams007 yeah and on 128gb if 55gb is system, that's close to 50%

    I wonder if they do this so people upgrade phones quicker

    Apple's storage management is way better - system usually takes 10gb on average

    So 64gb, would have about 50gb for use in most cases making it closer to samsung's 70/128gb available storage compared to apple's 100/128gb
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