It's 6am and I've already started my work day because I am my most productive first thing in the morning. When they debate against WFH and flexibility, they don't talk about how different people feel more awake and present at different times. I know devs who work better in the dead of the night. 9 to 5 in office just ain't it.

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    2 AM coding current assignment :)
    Evening + night full 2-3 am is usually my shining time.

    At morning even if I awake... Ergh, my concentration is often slacking off till afternoon.

    Loving my WFH for this, because I can work with diligence in my prime time
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    @darkwind I can't work in afternoons either. That part of the day just feels like a drag
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    Early morning and late evening for me. Super easy to think and focus and get in the zone.

    Doing work during the middle of the day takes me easily five times as long and makes me hate the world.
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    @Root Likewise. Afternoons are the enemy to my productivity
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    And here I have to get up at 9 anyway, because of daily calls. I'd prefer waking up at 10 at minimum
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    It's 1 PM for me and I am here on devRant. So I guess I don't need to tell you anything more lol.
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    You look so productive in the gif
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