After 11hours of coding on friday, got home, eat and went to sleep early.
7 AM, the neighbor from upstairs decided to hammer some nails on the wall. Now at 7:43 I am thinking of calling the police.

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    No need to get someone killed. Just man/woman up and politely ask them to stop. Or move?
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    @kemakol in some states you cant make noise until after 10am
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    Hack his wifi, sniff his packets and shut him out when he is in the middle of some game or in the last 2 minutes of a pr0n video.
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    @pagongski oh my god! you, i like you! fucking devil you are, thanks for the idea!!
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    @ScribeOfGoD Here, you can make construction related noise every day from 6am until midnight. Sadly, some of my neighbors fully utilize that time window, day in day out, year in year out.
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    While I agree that its annoying, dont be an idiot, and ask them to stop first. No need to call the police before talking to the neighbours. Its also stupid to overreact if they did this just one time, and not repeatedly. Its also kinda wasting police time.
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