Probably the most rage inducing data loss story...
When it comes to my cellphone I'm a data hoarder, I store each relevant meme, conversation, video, contact, nudes, etc. Had to replace my phone? Easy, change the SD.

I did this for about 4 years, had over 11GB of almost everything and anything in a 36GB SD, one afternoon my buddies and I went to a small tech convention and on our way to my car we got mugged by 5 armed men.

They took my brand new phone along with my wallet and all my cash, luckily I had GPS tracking enabled and we were able to pinpoint the exact location of my phone within 30min.

So far so good...

We called the cops and went with them, we found the car with illegal plates and weapons inside (knives, a bat, gun) so I tell the robbers were in there inside a closed cyber cafe and showed him the point on the map confirming this.

Cop: oh we can't do that we don't have an order...
Me: are you kidding me, here's the GPS, there's the car, there's the weapons, doesnt that count as at least probable cause or some shit?
Cop: we don't have that in this country, you can file a report and after 3 business days we can come here to inquire.
Me: (fucking lost it) do you fucking think they'll be here in 3 days?! I'll give you 500 bucks if you go bust their ass now.
Cop: (thinks about it) but what if they are armed? [4 patrols, 8 cops, 4 rifles and at least 6 guns plus vests] Maybe if you had contacts within the bureau we could have an order now...


I lost a lot that day, including respect to this fucked up system.

t(ಠ益ಠt) FUCK THE POLICE go eat a dick.

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    @Alice I dumped anything useless or old and just kept the good juicy stuff, my reaction folder :'( that still hurts, I'm still a reactionless normie.
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    I also have all the data in my 32 GB sd card and I am so paranoid about getting it lost or something unexpected might happen. So I've another sd card as a backup. And for fall back I've set up foldersync with Mega account and turned on automatic sync of important folders!
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    Sorry for your loss but ever heard of a thing called cloud storage??
    jk jk
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    @illusion466 yes, it's their job to stop crime, we the citizens, pay our taxes to give them all the tools and training for it, plus they left all the weapons on the fucking car and the car open. They were just looking for excuses not to do shit even tho we delivered them the criminals on a silver platter.
    Yes I would have gone get half my payday in cash, all my legal documents and the investment I made in that phone and the data in it because sometimes when shit isn't working you need to fix it yourself.

    Having said that going in wasn't the only option, they could at least mounted guard or something but they won't because they are corrupt and lazy, they don't care about us and are happy to take a quick buck out of you. Maybe you don't get it, but in this country you fuck or get fucked.
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    @illusion466 of course, because the wallet and the phone are not important at all. And the fact that those were stolen from them doesn't count.

    You sure have your priorities right
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    @JKyll What country is that in?
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    @cjbatz Mexico dude I'm telling ya shit is getting out of hand here.

    I've been stopped not for racial motives but for money over 5 times, had that mugging incident and then got word that the cops are actually working in conjunction with the criminals to get a cut, last year a fellow student was killed outside the campus just for his cellphone; hell, they once entered the campus and shot a teacher and other time they got into the campus, into the library and into the women's bathroom to mug the students there.

    I know some don't get why I'm mad and why I say I would have done what was necessary, but there's a point where you need to stand up for yourself and the victims that will follow.

    @fathy you know passive aggressive comments don't take you very far, I'd be glad to upvote your first contribution to the site.
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    @JKyll I'm in South Africa, so I get what it's like living in a country where the cop's or often either too lazy or too corrupt to help. There are a few good guys out there, but the systemic corruption makes it harder and harder for them to do a good job. Keep Safe!
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    @illusion466 i carry a knife as well, unfortunately it is illegal to carry weapons (specially guns).

    Here we call cops "trained stealers".
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    Just rent some cloud storage and keep daily backup.
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