What an absolutely powerful library.

With absolute garbage documentation.

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    my GOD

    skip ticks? no, then it doesnt show on hover

    reformat ticks? well, only if you have this setting over here.

    oh and if you have this settting, then this setting doesnt apply!

    i fucking need a state machine just to process the docs!!!!

    jesus christ i'm done. i'm writing it myself.
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    Which Version do you use??

    An alternative in JS would be d3.js.
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    Our team will develop a feature using plotly next sprint.

    Ahahaha.. good to know what to expect.. 😅
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    @cho-uc well, it's awesome once you get it working how you envisioned it (but I'd plan some extra debugging time if I were you).
    If you're new to it, make sure to check some of the bigger live examples and the publicly available cheatsheets :)
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