me: I will major in CS so I can work with computers, not people

narrator: But little did he know...

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    One of the help desk techs at my institution is a really close friend of mine. Sometimes I go there and talk to him to see how he is doing and I get to hear his calls. Shit is soul crushing on the levels to which only retail can manage.

    Sometimes calls filter out to me for whatever reason that I have yet to receive an answer for. Had a dude yelling at me because I refused to help him obtain his netflix password and set it up on his phone. I am upper management, so I get my way with a lot of things. This one was funny.
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    But some of my calls are absolutely fantastic:

    "I would like for <X> application to detect the user's intent as he/she is filling out forms" <----lmfao

    "Can I change X plz?"

    Me: No, but I can change your input for you, or you can just select the option to edit it....

    "Yeah, but I would like to do it at the core of things"

    ME: You mean our database? sorry, that stays with us, but you can just edit the....

    "No, yeah, but, I have taken a course on CC plus, I can do it"

    Me: No, sorry, you are not to touch any of the servers or databases that we have, just use the edit functionality of...

    "No, I want access to the core"

    Me: The core is called the database, and you do not have neither the access nor the training for it and thus I am sorry but you cannot touch it"

    "Let me talk to the department head please, you seem to not want to work with me"

    Me: absolutely, how can I help you?

    *phone hangs*

    The last one did happened, and we now call c++ CC+ because of that dumb bitch
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    @AleCx04 I am devloper how I make app html?!!
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