Screw you pointers...

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    Screw you *pointers

    Just in case you want to screw the actual value
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    I wish Java supported pointers
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    Haven't really messed around with C or C++. What's the deal with pointers?
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    Scanning through the rants, I read that as "screw you ponies"...
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    Great power comes with great responsibility.
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    @calmyourtities It does. That's why you see all those NullPointerExceptions
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    @t4ils Tl;dr pointers are memory addresses letting you interact directly with the computer's memory. They can also be a bitch sometimes
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    @Tytanium because it's much more than just a link. It is literally a physical place in memory which opens up a suite of interesting things you can do, from memory crawlers to ultra generic libraries. Plus it lets you directly access the memory location of a function, meaning you can store it in a database and use the function later (useful in generic libraries)
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