Just switched to a Mac, so far everything is going fine. (From Windows)

Any Windows-to-Mac switchers out there ?

How was the switch and the learning curve ?

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    I did the same about two years ago. Stock office laptop is a Mac and I'd never used one before. It took a while to get used to but I do love it. However I will never personally buy a product from them as I hate them as a company.
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    I hate the mac file explorer and keyboard... Esp their stupid delete key which works like backspace in macos

    Everything else is adaptable for me.
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    Just switched a week ago. Learning curve was not that bad, love finder and the fact that the command button doesn't inherently open anything on its own like in win
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    Have a MacBook but switched never. Running full and only Windows 10 on it. Even the keyboard backlight works! :D
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    @matthewp3247 is Cmd considered the Meta key then? Or something else?

    I wouldn't think the 2 are comparable.
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