How powerful are Raspberries​ for Bitcoin mining when you are using like a hundred or more?

I am just curious if it is actually worth it or is the electricity bill higher?

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    Gpu's do the calculation. Something like this works better
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    @Triskelion Is it worth it nowadays mining with GPU and if so any recommendations ?
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    You'd be better off mining something else like ETH or XMR and then converting that to BTC. Bitcoin has massive difficulty so I don't think anyone mines it even with GPUs anymore. If you have a lot of CPU power look at Monero, if you have GPUs - Etherium
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    Even running a full node on raspberry is difficult. Mining is far off.
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    @samfreeman05 no its not.
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    Mining doesn't is dead since 3 years. You make cents of profits iin the best case if yiu mine from home. To make serious money with it you would need datacenters full of asic processors to mine and veeery cheap electricity (under 3 cents per kwh)
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