Created webmoney account with password lenght of 81 character

Tried to login to my account
Password lenght cannot be more than 60 character

Now i have to reset my password to b e able to access it

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    Changed ny password to 58 char found out that it has to be less than 30
    Reseted my password for the second time :(
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    @DavidKevork *facepalm*
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    What in the hell? Someone coded this really badly
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    Why would you have an 80 char password? I feel like a noob that my complex password with numbers symbols chars in both cases is no longer than 30 chars 😓
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    @gitpush i already had a password of 60 char so i copied the password and edited so it wont be the same and the length became 81 char
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    Ain't it too much 🤔
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