Is it better a desktop or a laptop for programming? What do you prefer?

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    Both, if
    1) My dev env,
    2) Keyboard layout isn't suck.
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    Desktop because ergonomics and multiple monitors
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    @edwrodrig i use multiple external monitors with my laptop and also an external keyboard and mouse :)
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    @linuxxx you're using a laptop as a desktop
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    @edwrodrig Pretty much most of the time but also using it as a laptop on the road and simultaneously using a desktop at home next to my laptop
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    I would prefer a desktop for work, honestly. I have my laptop, but I prefer to use it for my personal projects and playing games.
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    Desktop because it's more powerful and costs less
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    I use a laptop with keyboard mouse and 2 monitors and have the same setup at office and at home. I like it
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    Laptop for mobile coding, desktop for stationary coding. Definitely invest in wireless mouse/keyboard if you get a desktop
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    - Great getting ideas down quick.
    - Can code anywhere! A devs dream/nightmare
    - Everyone will think you're, like, totally the coolest leet hacker with all your stickers on your laptop and your skull candy headphones.

    - Faster (well, usually)
    - Multiple frickin monitors
    - Bigger screen/resolution
    - Can rotate monitor portrait (haven't tried rotating laptop yet, hrm....)
    - Mechanical keyboard
    - Usually better ergonomics
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