School just started. New computer teacher seems like a bitch, hopefully her skills justify her attitude.

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    @theScientist what do you mean? 😆
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    I had a sub teach in school that thought teaching us c++ was an awesome idea. She gaves out work book with the terms work and the sample code was so damn bad I had to go through her teachers copy and correct it!
    Moral of the story, teachers hardly ever know what they teach.
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    Well, I think it does indeed justify that.
    Or to put it the other way round: you can allow yourself a strong personality if you can live up to it.
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    My point exactly. If she's at least good at it, maybe I can put up with her attitude, and I could learn something new. If she knows jack shit about computers, though, then I'm not going to have much fun in computer class anymore.
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    Get on the right side of her and it will get a lot easier.
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