Her: Why do you need 3 monitors??
Me: Why do you need 6 bags on the hanger, permanently, and 23 pairs of shoes?
Her: :/

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    Gotta save this. And show my gf, she also won't understand the need of >1 monitors.
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    Oh, she knows devrant?
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    Knows about it, doesn't use itπŸ™
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    @bendulum it was for the " :/ " smiley she made
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    I meant she was like, errmmm, nothing to say
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    Difference is you can use 3 monitors at once in parallel unlike shoes or bags.
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    Also works with "why do you need 500+ games?"

    Tested and approved.
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    Or why do you need that expensive SSD, or extra RAM... I can go on forever :))
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    You are a wise man.
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    More like: Why do you have only 3 monitors? 😁😁😁😁
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    @nellymin no more spaceπŸ™ƒfor now😈
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    I have 26 pairs of shoes
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    My gf would tell me to buy one for her to 😍😍
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    But 3 monitors is actually helping you be more productive... Shoes and accessories on the other hand...?
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    Husband: why do you need 2 monitors
    Me: So I can read documents while programming
    H: But you're watching Netflix
    Me: :/
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    @LenaAlcie hahaha, I watch Netflix when I work too, sometimes, πŸ˜€
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    @lorki97 caution: once I made her realize the use of multiple monitors, I lost my monitor privileges.. ain't getting it back.. not enough space to get another set of 3 monitors πŸ˜ͺ
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    @noder my gf saw me using 2 and complained about the stupidity of that, some months later she got used to it and bought a second for her, now I have 3 and se already said that I might lose one of mine cause she doesn't want to buy a new one....
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