I hope computing heavens have:

-One brand of hardware
-One OS
-One browser
-No closed source software
-No ads
-One monitor aspect ratio
-One fucking programming language with a fucking big standard library.
-Phones are just the same exactly the same OS as in computer, not stupid adaptations.
-All pages are only HTML/CSS, without JS.
-Due there is one browser and one OS, when you need a dynamic page, you can display a desktop app in the browser downloading its binary.
-There are one fucking brand on printer with standard drivers which are included in the OS.

We are so far from heaven

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    Sounds good except for no JavaScript in the frontend...
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    All software has command line options that allow you to do every thing that you can do on GUI.
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    In heavens they still use ports for different services. They don't rewrap everything again through port 80
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    "-One brand of hardware"

    On the contrary, I hope that in my heaven (if it exists && I'm granted access to it despite of all the sins I've committed), there are all the brands of hardware familiar to me from my earthly life, plus a few more :D
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    In hell on the other hand, they would have to settle with the one and only choice of everything, such as Windows Vista, Lotus Notes and Crystal Reports.
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    Sounds like hell to me, or maybe the 90s.
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    Sounds boring and monotonous.
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    That sounds like a terrible thing
    One company having Monopoly and control
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    @linuxxx Yeah that's really dumb.
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    @amahlaka It basically sounds like what Facebook are trying to do.
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    "downloading binary" TRIGGERED
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    @TerriToniAX I didn't know what Lotus Notes was. I'm so happy that I didn't know what it was. Yet.
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    I fell asleep halfway your rant. Come on! If dev heaven is like that, most of us would be out of our jobs, life (or afterlife) would be boring as hell, we wouldn't have awesome dickwad rants, everybody would be gray, no error messages (or they would all be well documented and easily fixed)..hell, does anyone want that?

    We are devs! Screw the happy, smooth life of expected and respectful behaviour at work and while programming. :P
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    That sounds boring and I wouldn't want to continue living in such a heaven.
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    Variety is what makes everything better
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    When I was a kid I used to imagine Heaven as a place with unlimited supplies of LEGO and sweets Then, in my early teens, I pictured Heaven as a place with unlimited supplies of all kinds of computers imaginable and beyond, and of course unlimited time to code anything you want and port it across any platforms you want. As I grew older, my fantasies about Heaven became more adult and sweets were replaced by cars and women. I still hope though that there is LEGO in Heaven.
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