Frontend people, I need your opinion.

I will soon start building the next version of a rather large project's frontend but I am mostly a backend guy.

It is a custom made web application (PHP, Postgres) that handles all business aspects of a shipping company of about 50 people (trucks, truck free space in shipments for new packages, package tracking via gps on the truck, invoicing, reselling shipping services to other businesses, everything).

The existing frontend is using an ancient version (1.x) of the YUI framework and uses AJAX heavily to refresh the user interface. It's usable, but maintaining and extending it is getting really hard as the project grows larger and larger and more systems are integrated.

So the question is, given this use case, what JS framework do I use and what is a good resource to start learning it?

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    i'm not a front end dev, but i've learned a thing or two...
    May i suggest using websockets to update the data? I don't know if this will solve your question, but maybe it helps you
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    @tmux it's really hard to say what framework to use. There is angular 2 and 4 that use typescript or angular 1 that uses js. React that's just Js. I have recently seen vue.js get some traction on some forms.

    You really need to look at what is out there and decide if that framework is what you want to use 6 months or even a year + down the road.

    I personally like react but I'm currently in a angular 1 shop.

    I hope this helps some.
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    Vue. The end.
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    It seems like you just need the V so go for React (I'm biased because I've worked as a web dev using mainly React for a year now) or Vue, I'd say.
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    Vue— "it's like Angular and React had sex and brought forth a baby"
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