Why redis, why?! You run "redis-cli -h <host>" and it looks like either it cannot connect to <host> or the redis-cli is frozen.

What was the fix? Adding "--tls" to the call. Why can't you just say "You are starting a non-tls connection to a remote but the remote wants to talk TLS"? Or give any other indication that you did reach the server but did not understand what it said and hint for TLS? I was hunting non-existent connectivity issues for hours just because there wasn't a good error message...

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    You run any corporate bullshit on your machine that spies on your TLS connections? That shit fucks with the normal connection process and prevents normal error messages.
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    I ran a SCAN command to search for keys with a prefix. Stackoverflow warned me about using the command but I still did.

    Production went down for the next hour lol.
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    Because that's not how TLS works.

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