Fuck you Steam, just fuck you and your price politics.

I have a Swiss and one Russian Steam account. I have on my Swiss account over 450 Games and on the russian one around 4.

I have a friend in Russia and to play some games with him, I need a russian account.

Guess what? Since the last change to Steam Shop I cant use my Swiss Credit Card anymore to buy games in Russia.

Now when I want to test a game first on the russian account and when it's good to buy it after on my main Account, I can't.

Why should I pay for a game in Early Access the full price, when the game is bad and will be abadoned in a half year?

Sure they are some good early access games, which I payd the full price for (Switzerland has the highest Steam Game prices). As example ARK or Battlegrounds. I love these games and like to support the Devs.

But I get really angry when I have to pay for a Game which is worth 5 $ and sold in my Country for 20 $ and will be unsupported after a year.

Really fuck you Valve and Steam 🖕🏻🖕🏻😡

Atleast refund the people the money, when the game is abadoned! But sure, you're just in for a Cash Grab...

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    Valve has no control over the developers of those games though.
    And when you decide to pay for a game in early access, you're accepting the risk of developers abandoning the game.
    Besides, the money is supposed to fund the development of the game. If not enough people choose to support the game, the developer might run out of money, and is forced to abandon the game in order to get a regular day job.

    As far as price inequality goes, it's really annoying that there's regional differences. I guess some of it comes down to local taxes and tariffs.

    Have you tried sites like www.g2a.com or www.kinguin.com? You can buy steam keys a lot cheaper there from resellers in regions with low Steam prices.
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    @JTBringe Yea sometimes buying keys form these sites. Personally I dont like G2A, because they are ripping of Dev's like Tiny Build.

    But most of the Keys are blocked in Switzerland and you need to buy the regular Keys then...

    The thing with early access is, that some company's are just in for a crash grab and are abadoning the game really fast.

    As example take Investations/Romeros Survial/... Dev's promised features and gave the game into Early Access. Now the game is full with cheaters and you had since 1 year no updates. That was a really big scam and Valve did nothing...

    That made me really upset and Valve does nothing against these guys.

    If someone shoves time and love in his games, I will gladly support him!
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    Please don't promote sites that live from credit card theft.
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    Uhm first off the ARK devs are dicks,

    They release DLC before actually finishing their game.

    And like @JTBringe said, Valve has no control over some of the crap that went through the old greenlight system.

    Greenlight has been replaced with steam direct it maybe better, but for all purposes of early access games there is a gigantic disclaimer about supporting devs on their steam page and I'm pretty sure it says there are risks involved.

    The developers of the game are the ones you should be asking for the refund, sure steam get a cut of the price but not 100% of it.

    Who knows this steam direct system maybe the fix for the crap that's flooded the steam stores for the last couple years.
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