Saw a job opening that had under the duties: “Willing to put in extra effort…”. What is that supposed to mean? X job should take Y effort, and an appropriate amount of compensation for that effort. Why does the job require “extra” effort? I read that as; tons of unpaid overtime. Hard pass.

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    Yup, I assume the same.
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    Fuck dis!
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    It is sortof a desperate try to find people who won't just happily botch it instead of carefully creating and maintaining software.

    But there is a catch: Normally, there is a reason for them to be desperate. They probably did get botchers in the past. But again, there probably is a reasdon for that. Common corporate culture is pretty good at turning all but the most vigilant people into botchers. And chances are, that that is one of the companies that are infested with the common corporate culture. So yes, probably better to not risk infection.
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    Extra effort basically means you have to work overtime without payment. No doubt about that. Marketing/sales/recruitment tend to use alternate terms to hide the truth.

    When a house ads says "close to shopping malls", it means 30 minutes drive to shopping malls.
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    Perhaps they are Pool fans?
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