So apparently I am not a programmer because I turn tea into software. :(

Anyone else feeling discriminated by this definition? :D

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    but.... tea has caffeine in it.. you are part of the group too
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    I don't drink coffee nor eat pizza :D so I guess I'm not a programmer. Oh well..
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    Cmn dude I drink green tea and it contains caffeine, there are tea's with caffeine too, so I dont feel descriminated 😁
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    Hey! We have rights, ya know! 😓
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    I thought so too 😜 @bendr
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    I drink coffee so much that I could end up asleep after 5 minute of drink.
    Now, I switch to tea xD
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    @mid-grey it depends on how you pronounce it!


    (Noun) An entity who likes grandmothers
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    @fcrozetta Oh no, my whole life was a lie
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    Maybe you are a developer, that probably can use any other kind of drink/food, not a programmer.

    Oh, and tea has caffeine, anyway, so not too far.
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    Yes you are a programmer.
    A car is a car whether it runs on diesel or petrol. A peogrammer is a programmer whether he/she 'runs' on coffee or tea
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    I think I'm a hacker 'cause I turn honey butter chip and dr. pepper into source code
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