How about a feed where people can ask for help?

I know there are sites such as stack overflow for things like that, but I find devrant's community to be a lot more friendly and just better overall.

Also I believe it would be kinda funny if the questions would not be required to be 100% dev related.

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    Make it happen.... ;))
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    I dislike this idea. This place is great because it does one thing, and does one thing very welll. The more we add, the further we get from the core idea and function of this place, the worse it gets.

    Additionally, I believe that, were a help board to be added, the community would start becoming more like stackoverflow. The reason the community is so friendly in the first place is that we are nothing like stackoverflow

    Just my 2 Cents
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    We'll probably add a Q&A section at some point that will not be super technical like SO, but more general like the questions people are already asking here (and our weekly prompts) which would probably end up looking more like the dev questions on Quora
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