rant: Been an Apple user for 5+ years and I haven't been too excited about the MacBook Pro lineup's direction. Not a huge fan of a gimmick like the Touch Bar, the fact that a $3,000 laptop only has a 500gb SSD, or the questionable commitment Apple has to OS X.

!rant: That said- anyone else here taking a serious look at Linux? Are you debating it? Made the switch? I really want to make the jump when I get a new laptop.

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    Once you take a serious look, there's no looking back. I've used Linux as my only OS for 3 years after dual booting for several years before that
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    I had to get a macbook for school this year. I refused to get that stupid touch bar so I had to settle on the 2015 pro. Now I use the MacBook for dev stuff and my beast gaming rig is doing nothing
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    Using MacBook Pro mid 2014, I love it, but man, the OS is getting worse with every update. New macbooks are just a piece of crap.
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    @jxsl13 Thats the trajectory I'm not looking forward to. I see them focusing on making more moves to iOS style computing and ecosystem device integration than actual innovation.
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