I designed a logo for a family member's business with the expectation that I would receive payment once the work was completed. I wasn't expecting a lot, I only really do freelance work for software but I know my way around Illustrator. I'm not one to charge family anywhere near full price and I felt no contract was needed. We were back and fourth for a little bit, getting the logo to his liking. Silly me during all of this didn't watermark any of the images I was sending (didn't think I'd have to, you know... Family) and a little while later he's gone and ordered shirts with the logo on it without paying or even contacting me. When I confronted him about it, he pulls out the whole "No contract was made" bullshit. It's ridiculous how arrogant people can be, I was asking for $50. I put a good 15 hours into it with all the alterations he wanted. 15 hours I could have spent on actual clients.

TLDR; Designed a logo for a family member without a contract, he decided not to pay.

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    Family is the stingiest :( Sorry to hear that.
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    Well, idk but you're supposed to help your family without expecting getting something back
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    @GarreauArthur 1. Business is business
    2. I understand that the payment was something that both sides agreed on, so I'd say you're not supposed to fuck your family's member straight in the ass - no matter how little the price was. What is wrong with you people?
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    @genex well, this guy is a fucking business shark (and an asshole)
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    @Floppy No I am talking about your family member. You are definitely not a shark
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    @GarreauArthur Seriously did not read that way, I apologise.
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    @Floppy No problem 😀you are the nice guy in this story
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    It's because of this that I usually just say no, or make it clear if I'm willing that it is a favor. If it's a favor, I make it clear that I'm donating my time for this, which is usually billed at my salary's rate, and let the family member know the cost (not value) of the gift they're receiving from me.
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    The phrase you're looking for is something like "Get the fuck outta this family, asshole". If that's how he treats family, i'd hate to do business with him
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    Woah, I don't know what to say. I'm actually building a small website for a family member, but I said that I would have done it for free, because I'm a newbie and I want to make some experience.
    But I guess it's a totally different situation for you, since you do it as a job.
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    Yeah I also learned similar story the hard way (a lot of time wasted then they just disappear from planet earth). So always say NO to friends of family, distant relatives, etc.
    Now I only do stuff for free for close family.
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    Take him to small claims court. It'll cost around $80 to file the paperwork, so this would be more to teach him a lesson than anything else. It would be interesting to see his reaction when he gets served the notice...
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    Never work for family & friends. Ever. Contact or no contract, free or paid - this never ends well.
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    How close are you related?

    And how does copyright work in your country? You work is yours until you agree to let someone use it.
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    @CWins He's my cousin. From what I've gathered I've got the final say as I made it and no contract was made. I'm getting in contact with a friend who's studying law to get a legal threat written up. It's pretty much just to scare the shit out of him, I probably won't pursue it unless he continues the way he's acting.
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    Let your family be your friends and loved ones.
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    If it was for a sibling or parent, I'd bei glad to help his or her business, but if it was a farther away family member, I'd at least want 50 bucks. Time and effort is money and good work has to bei paid, even of it's a symbolic price of 50 $/€ whatever
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