For every game developer out there. Why so? 😂

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    Because she is thicc ofc 👌
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    Bc stereotypes. Boobs and asses sell better than authenticity.
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    @Huuugo lol seems fair enough 😂
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    U wonder when, The day when you can make a character in a mmo with the female attributes hidden so you can barely distinguish the genders..
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    Mortal Kombat and Tekken has some of the best girls in the game business, and the games wouldn't sell without them if they are covered
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    @sam9669 Tekken! Yeah. One hell of a game it was. I agree now.
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    I play a game called Kenshi (it's on steam and desura) and they generalized the armor so everyone looks the same, they are doing something different for a change.
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    To confuse the enemy..
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    joke(Don't hide the bombs)
    serious (sales)
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