Let me see his code and I'll tell you whether he learned or not!!

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    12 weeks is more than enough for something like php imo
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    There is a difference between learning to code and knowing your shit.
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    On the Internet everything is possible...

    ...at least with Photoshop 😷
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    Craig now learnt HTML. It's not very effective.
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    @ddephor Why did you feel the need to blur "Craig"'s face? 😂
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    @RazorSh4rk In 12 weeks you can probably learn most of the syntax of PHP, and maybe start to understand some OOP principles...

    But PHP development jobs require PHP, framework, composer, html and css, json yml and xml, linux bash ssh and git, some sql and orm, and js plus npm, webpack, framework, etc knowledge.

    And of course understanding of networks and domains, webservers with their configs, http requests, hashing and encryption, caching, injection prevention, database performance, unit/acceptance tests and testing pipelines, deployment services, monitoring, bugtrackers, merge tools...
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    I can prove to you that he did a HTML website.
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    @CrankyOldDev Don't wanna disparage him. He is most likely just a random pick from a photo database.
    And he should not suffer from his youthful transgressions 😎
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