Marketing meeting. They don't care about programmers and they don't want you to talk but they would assume you have said yes to everything they asked for

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    hire new marketers
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    As a former marketing manager, I confess, I may have been one of those. But here's the thing, outside of IT you rarely have the leverage to say no. In IT you can just say "that won't work/take months to make/isn't a priority" and that'll be the end of it. And another thing, IT people will have better organizational skills than most other people or there because we know if we don't, everything we touch will turn to ash.
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    @polaroidkidd that's really true If I say no its end of the discussion but I can't they compare with others and say they did it why can't we ? And guess who is in spotlight
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    @kickass Yes, they can do that but here's the thing. Because we're inherently better organized (for example if you follow scrum you'll have the access to all the project information to show why feature X isn't currently a priority) I find it easier to justify myself in IT than I did while I was in marketing. But take it with a grain of salt because I'm only in my second year of CS. I did however spend two years as a head of marketing before I decided to change careers.
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    @polaroidkidd all I want to do is write some god damn code thats it I don't care about scrum or any of that shit and I still don't like going into those marketing meetings period
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    @kickass I hear you, loud and clear. Let me set up a meeting for us to plan a meeting where we can discuss the summary of the previous two meetings.
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