Just reached 100+!!

Anyhow. I started coding prettymuch 365 days ago. My mate decided to launch his company and figured it was a good idea to start it with good friends who knew fuck all at coding.

Fyi, the dude can code 15 hours straight everyday for about a year (no shit thats what i saw).

Since he taught me html css javascript(even if i still suck abit at js). He made me remake the whole bootstrap in react by adding this new lib styled-components and test everything(95% coverage :)).

He also taught me webpack and rollup. Json schma forms,http requests redux, redux logic, and all the routing shit...he obliged me to i plement RR4 on release and is now making me overlook the merge requests of my other collegue (yes he made me a git pro,almost).

And now i have to work long distance by studying java, spring, oauth2 and start working on our api.

O yeah,and i went from microsoft to full on linux!!!

To be honest i thought i was gonna die this year. (Also have a kid on the way :)).

Devrant has been like going to the psychologist :) everytime shit hit the fan i realized every one has the same problems :)

Thanks to the community i can also now even give out nerd jokes :)


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    Your friend seems like a rare find if he invested that much in you. Awesome. Congrats on the progress and on the baby!
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    inspiring story..i hope i too find such an awesome friend someday..!!!
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    This makes me want to find a mentor! It's so awesome you have someone like that!
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    Lone wolf here in the learning process 😜
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    Your commas are interesting. Mine don't look like that. ,,,,,,
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    Cool keep on =) but whats is so special that its ben 365 days ago? If it where 256 days ago then i that wouls be a reason to take a retrospective =P
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    Can I git clone your friend? ;)
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    Your friend is a good leader

    EDIT: typos
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    Well he figured out that working with good friends was better than working with expert people he didnt know. Well if anu body comes to vietnam in the next few years hit me up,(that pretty coma again) you can come check us out ;) ill probably been inventing my own geek jokes by then ;)
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    That's a great friend you have.. I wish I had some1 to teach me that way.. but anyways Google and stackexchange are also great places learn new things.. 😊
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    Congrats my friend, hard work always pays off in the end :)
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