Angry Client: All the data from this account is missing. I can't work like this with the app loosing data.

Me: Checks logs, see that client pressed the reset all data button and after that the confirmation button.

Me: As polite as possible informing the client what he did.

Client: Ooh yeah I did that.

It's sad that it has come to the point where you need logs on pressing buttons because they try to blame everything on the app.

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    It's 10 percent crap
    20 percent cringe
    15 percent concentrated power of feel
    5 percent reason
    And 50 percent lame
    And 100 percent reason to punch you in the face

    *every stupid client meeting*
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    Never thought of it, note taken for future projects 🙏
    Better log those keys than being sorry
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    The amazing part of this is that when confronted with evidence they admitted fault instead of saying you doctored the logs
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    @jbhelfrich when they start doing that I'm out xD
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    @jbhelfrich every movie ever tells the humans that they can trust the logs, as "that's how they catch the Hackers!!"
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    @MisterArie I have kept soft delete as an option in few of my apps. Never a hard delete. And actually it's not logging the buttons but logging the purging as all purge should be logged for the sins they had committed.

    The client has committed a sin, as proved by purged deeds. 😂
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    @eatPrayCode they want hard delete's because of privacy concerns.

    But well their choice, I just making sure I'm not responsible for any lost data.
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    Damn. Must learn this. I am sure I'll need such logs sooner or later.
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    @CurseMeSlowly yeah log everything. Beter to be safe then sorry.
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