When friends ask me to do some coding...

Them: I want/need this and that and... [trillions of features and "cool" stuffs]

Me: ...okay

Them: Oh and this and that and [more "cool" stuff]

Me: Alright.. when do you need it?

Them: something around a week?

Is it just me or does everyone -not- accustomed to coding think that projects are usually done in a few days...?

Maybe the common opinion about coders is something like: They aren't humans, they are machines which convert caffeine during night time to source code

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    I've never come close to 50+ hours a week, that feels insane *still in school though*
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    I reached 50+ multiple times because it was expected of me to do so.

    Mostly because I had to work with two teams, one in my local time zone and another one in a time zone which was -6 hours from mine
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    You should communicate to your customers / friends / clients that coding eats up a lot of time for the basis and does so again for each feature. Give them a raw estimate for a single feature until they have a rough idea how the mass of features would actually translate into working hours.
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