Don't ya just love it when someone you work with is constantly asking you to do stuff. Even though you literally ask nothing of them. Can't say no though because then they throw a gigantic 11 year old temper tantrum..

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    Oh yes, I know a few of those. What works for me is I never say "No". I respond with a 'I don't know how to", or "maybe later", or "I don't think it's possible", or "Sure, I'll do it." and then forget about it. Literally. What you want to do is run them into a deadline. Force them to do it on their own. Be unreliable. Sure, it'll damage your relation for a while. And then, on being confronted, tell them you did it for them. So that they could be "self-reliant". Depending on the person, it may or may not work. But at least you've made it clear that you don't look forward to their assignments. The frequency usually decreases. Good luck.
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